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3 Benefits of Green Electrical Sources of Energy in Africa

Do you want to know the benefits of green electrical sources of energy in Africa? Green energy has lots of benefits to the environment and economies of African nations. For instance, it reduces pollution and global greenhouse emissions, which results in us enjoying a better environment.

ttyuiopllkkkvvvvvvvvAnother reason that should make you consider using green energy sources is that they are renewable. That’s because they are replenished relatively quickly and naturally. This post looks at three benefits of green energy to African nations.

Creates Job Opportunities

The growing development of green electrical energy in Africa means that more jobs are getting created. For instance, the INTERNATIONAL RENEWABLE ENERGY AGENCY (IRENA), in a study, found that green energy production created 7.7 million jobs in the year 2014 around the world. This agency predicts that 16 million jobs will be set up by the year 2030 if this trend goes on.

Less Service Disruption

children reading in the darkAnother benefit of green energy sources is that they are more reliable when you compare them to the traditional energy sources. For instance, green energy systems such as solar and wind experience fewer disruptions since they are distributed over large service areas.

It means that if one geographical area experiences disruptions, other areas or equipment won’t be affected, meaning that places such as hospitals in Africa find the green energy to be reliable.

Going Green Leads to a Stronger Economy

Green energy sources have an additional advantage to the economy. The reason is that governments in Africa collect taxes from renewable energy projects, which are then used to provide public services. The jobs resulting from these projects lead to the creation of jobs in related industries, which means that homes and businesses benefit.


Green electrical sources of energy, such as water, wind and solar have many benefits to African nations. It means that companies that deal with renewable energy should consider the African market since it is one area that hasn’t been explored much.

Post Author: Elsie Washington