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Australia: The world’s most powerful battery powered by Tesla

Some 30,000 households in southern Australia can now say goodbye to frequent power outages thanks to Tesla’s activation of the world’s most powerful battery.

Located in Jamestown, about 200 km north of Adelaide in the state of South Australia, the giant lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 100 megawatts, about 1/16 that of the Manic-5 powerhouse in Quebec.

According to CNN, it is three times more powerful than the previous record holder.

The battery, which will start working on Thursday, is used to store the energy produced by an adjacent wind power plant. When the demand for electricity increases or production decreases, the battery goes into action to power up to 30,000 homes in the surrounding area for an hour.

South Australia, a large part of which is deserted, suffers from frequent power outages that complicate the lives of its inhabitants.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, had bet on Twitter that his company would be able to build the stack in 100 days or less, failing which he would pay the bill himself. In the end, the Australian taxpayers will have to bear the costs, since the bet was raised in only 60 days.

Tesla installed Similar, but less powerful batteries in California, Hawaii, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and several Pacific islands.

Tesla also mentioned the idea of installing them in Puerto Rico, whose electricity grid was severely damaged by Hurricane Maria in September.

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Steam cleaning helps local communities in Africa

The effects of steam cleaning versus normal cleaning

Regardless of the method used, the result will define the effectiveness of the tools that have been chosen. The ends justify the means, with the constraints of the daily life, especially in countries where access to water is not granted…

During working days, we have little time to devote to the things we love and beings with our loved ones. On weekends, we only dream of enjoying these two days offs offered, but there are still the heavy burdens of household chores. Over the last few decades, we have seen the birth of several powerful tools to facilitate our daily lives.

Currently, we have several devices that do at least half the work in our place. Indeed, for the cleaning of the interior, we have only the embarrassment of choice about the tools to be used. Between normal cleaning with a normal vacuum cleaner and steam cleaning, what is the difference? Through our Guide D Achat Nettoyeur Vapeur we invite you to discover more through the next few paragraphs.

How does a normal vacuum cleaner work?

vaccum cleaners are handyA vacuum cleaner, as the name suggests works by sucking up dust, fibers, crumbs as well as all the other dirt that gets into the house. Refer to the operation of the fan and note that the vacuum cleaner operates in reverse order. It sucks dirt with its engine which emits a depressurization in the dust container.

First of all, it uses filters that are the first to suck up dirt. The biggest ones stop at the first level and the others continue on their way to the filter. These two suction systems lead to a receptacle that collects all the polluting elements. It is then enough to empty the receptacle and to start over the cleaning if necessary.

How does a steam cleaner work?

With the same features as a regular vacuum cleaner, the steam cleaner also absorbs the pollutants and allergens that are present in the room. For this second type of device, the dirt is sucked in by moist air. A damp cloth takes the place of the filters. This cloth receives the steam emitted by a boiler containing heated or boiling water. To do this, simply connect the appliance to a power source to heat the boiler. Then, as the temperature of the water increases, the cloth gets wet with steam. So you’ll feel like wiping the surface of your home with a damp cloth.

The operation of this device is carried out in a few steps. First, the steam is released through the wipes at the brushes. Then, the vacuum cleaner starts to absorb the dirt in the room with a filter. This filter is connected to a receptacle, generally transparent, which receives the dirty water. After that, the treated surface remains slightly moist and easily dried in air.

The benefits of normal cleaning

With a conventional vacuum cleaner, you act as if you are spending a broom in your home. Simply walk the appliance on the places to be cleaned, and the vacuum cleaner itself absorbs the polluting and allergenic elements that are in the room. When you do the cleaning, you only need your device.

There is no need to wait for any heating time or a long enough time for the cooling of the appliance. The only limit of the device is the capacity of its recovery tank. When it is full, you must empty it and then reinstall it before cleaning or storing the unit again.

example of a steam cleaner

The benefits of a steam cleaner

The first advantage of a steam cleaner is that it can be used on all surfaces of the house, from floor to ceiling, tile windows and even garage. For best results, this unit is equipped with extension tubes which help us to reach the most distant places like the ceiling or the tops of the furniture. On tiles and windows, it is no longer necessary to use detergents to make them glossy and shiny. We also do not need to spray water on tiled and glazed surfaces, as the appliance is already operating at humidity. Find a  here for more here https://www.mon-nettoyeur.fr

Why Preserve Energy at Your Home

Energy saving is not just an environment-friendly behaviour, but it also helps you save on the utility bills. Preserving energy is getting important as the non-renewable resources of energy are replaced by renewable sources of energy. Renewable energy resources include solar energy, tidal power, hydropower, wind power, etc. that are replacing nuclear power like coal, oil or fossil at your home to preserve energy. These non-renewable resources of energy come from burning decaying plants or fossil fuels thus they emit harmful gases like carbon dioxide that harm the environment.

The consumption of energy proves to be adding to harmful effects to the environment like global warming. The more energy we consume, the more we provide the earth’s environment to add to the occurrence of acid rain thus more air and water pollution. With preserving energy, you avoid adding to ozone layer depletion, climate change and also reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the air.

All of the non-renewable energy resources are unlimited in the supply of nature, and so it means they come from nature and thus also do not provide any harm to nature. On the other hand using renewable can automatically preserve the non-renewable resources. Using the energy carefully can also help you save cost. Rearrangement of the furniture on the position of the windows, doors and air condition can help you save energy. By sealing ducts and opting for the proper insulation, you can preserve the energy when the cooling or heating systems are being used.

By preserving energy, you can use it for longer compared to when you are careless about its consumption. Being careful means following some energy efficient hacks around the house. Replace the incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs which save up to 75 % of the energy thus you both preserve it and save on the bill.

Protecting energy through efficient consumption means a little amount of utility bills thus more disposable income. The less you consume the energy, the less is the emission of harmful rays of energy onto the environment. The trending behaviour of energy saving is slowly changing the way people use energy in their daily lives thus in return the market provides a hand in it as well. There are energy efficient electrical appliances with environment-friendly solar powered heating or cooling system.…

How to Clean Your House like a Pro: Cleaning Hacks Even Kids Will Enjoy

A clean house with kids is a myth! All the parents know what the hassle is like. One moment the kids are getting along and everything is clean and organized with coloring books in their hands, and within the blink of an eye, the coloring books are replaced by the walls.

Cleaning might be a struggle with little ones in the house but it is not nearly impossible

With few tips and tricks you can put the clutter away and get things under control. Whether you want a quick clean up for the unplanned guests or deep cleansing of the house with the arrival of spring you can get everything done with kids helping along.

Here are a few quick cleaning hacks to keep close by you when there are kids involved:

Spill on the carpet?

You don’t really have to send it to the dry cleaner and waste your expenses on the bill when you can easily do it yourself at home with kid-friendly ingredients. All you need to do is mix 1/3 of a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and 5 – 10 drops of lemon essential oil, the rest of the bottle is to be filled by water. Simply pour the mixture over the spill or spots you need to get rid of, leave it for 15 minutes and gently rub it off with a towel, let the kids help along as well.

In case a nasty vomit has ruined your sofa, there is a perfect way to get rid of the odor and the stain is simply removed by sprinkling the baking soda over the clump and vacuuming over it. Not only is the baking soda kid friendly but it will also clear out the whole nasty situation in no time. In fact, baking soda is a super ingredient for cleaning out anything, be them the kitchen and bathroom tiles, kitchen countertops, white carpet, and sofas, giving freshness to the clothes and the dishwasher. Baking soda mixed with vinegar provides amazing effects and of course, with kids in the house, it is safer to use as they want to help you with the chores.

When it comes to organizing the clutter when deep cleaning the house you need to throw away the stuff you don’t use anymore, the clothes, toys, books that are kept stored. Make separate boxes of each item and label them and ask the kids to give away some old toys or books, it can also be done for clothes or other reusable items. Kids fill these boxes thus enjoy doing so and then you can donate them to a charity organization.

Glitter can be very fun when you are doing some crafts but can be quite a hassle to get rid of it from the carpet or the table; especially when it is all over the place. For a quick and easy way to get rid of the glitter all you need is lint roller, roll over the glitter and simply get the cleaning done.

Toothpaste can be quite handy when getting rid of the permanent marker, ask kids to do apply the toothpaste over the spot and help you clean it off.…