We Are Siblings

Ayendha Kukuh Pangesti, Muhammad Abdullah Mujahid, Kurnia Nur Faridah, Cynthia Andriani, Aldila Setyawati
Bogor Agriculture University (IPB), Indonesia

Describe your project in one sentence

Together with National Commission for Child Protection, establish Sisterhood and Brotherhood program for connecting Children in five big islands in Indonesia (Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java, Papua) to raise society awareness on Child Violence in Indonesia.

Please visit us on www.wersiblings.wix.com/wearesiblings
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How does it work?
This is a trigger for connecting children in Indonesia to raise awareness in child violence issues in society, so it will give easiness way to monitor their growing process and problem that children have.
For the first step, National Commission for Child Protection (NCCP) point toward ambassadors for five big island in Indonesia that have the responsibility to be a connector to other islands. For each island, the ambassador will start from a region that has the highest rate of child violence based on NCCP’s data.

1st step: Every representative collect the data of children include address, parents, and phone number.
2nd step: Every ambassador give media literacy about how is best practice to use media social properly include using Facebook and mail.
3rd step: Every ambassador submit children data to NCCP for record and monitoring
4th step: Open Volunteer for sister and brother. NCCP will announce for seeking sister-brother from age 18-25 years old with some criteria for selection.
Every chosen sister or brother will get five children from 5 islands. And his/her job is a connector among five children so they can know each other and share together. Sister and brother also have the responsibility for monitoring his/her siblings at least one per week, be a good listener, and raise their creativity and awareness. The connection can be held from Short Message Service (SMS), Facebook, mail, and post. If there is no news from his/her siblings, sister/brother have the responsibility to report into NCCP. Every three months, sister/brother also have responsibilities to report every activity to NCCP. This program run for at least one year.

Who are your target users?
Children with less caring from their parents, youth with age between 18-25 years old, and National Commission for Child Protection

What does it change, and how?
By utilising technology in communication; handphone and the internet, we can make a strong connection among society to raise awareness of child violence in Indonesia. With establish the sisterhood-brotherhood program, we can:
1. Connect and collecting information on children raising with less caring from their parents so we can know if something bad happened to them because their sister/brother have responsibility to monitor them
2. Build strong connection among children in another island with the different culture and different problem.
3. Children learn how to use technology and media social properly.
4. Children have a friend to share their story and their feeling.
5. Build deep understanding in youth mind about child protection in Indonesia. So the responsibility not only belong to NCCP but also all of the society in Indonesia
What is innovative about your idea? How does it add value?

How does it add value?
It is a simple to program but has huge impact. We maximise the roles of youth and benefit of technology for work together with a National Commission. Raising awareness and open up the mind are the key to making a change. This program can be a trigger for the beginning, but hopefully, it can replicate to other region and connect among 34 provinces in Indonesia.

How does it align with the our Innovation Principles?
1. This program is made based on target users need
2. The important outcomes from this program are data collection that can be a base for policy making.
3. Be collaborative; we collaborate with National Commission for Child Protection and collaborate with national youth in Indonesia
4. Sustainability; this program should run sustainable to get the outcomes
5. Because this program is legal, so every data use open standards, open data, and open source that can be accessed by everyone.
6. We can say, there is no harm for this program if everything going based on Standard of Procedure
7. This program can be replicated in another region and place. Also so possible to do improvisation.
How does your project address social inequities?

We start this program with youth ambassador that have some vision to reduce the rate of child violence in Indonesia. We also have a responsibility as a good citizen in Indonesia for waging on child protection because we know that they have right to live properly and happily.
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